• VIRIDO - Clay Farm Cambridge
    Twenty Six 1, 2 and 3 bed shared ownership apartments and houses provided by Cambridge City Council
  • MAGNA, Harrison Drive provided by Cambridge City Council
    Ten 1 and 2 bed apartments for sale under shared ownership
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  • Packet Boat House, Uxbridge
    20, one and two bed apartment for sale
    provided by Hillingdon Borough Council
  • Kings Reach - Biggleswade
    Coming Soon - 6, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments


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About Shared Ownership

Shared ownership could make your dream of homeownership a reality! If you can’t afford to buy a property outright then take a look at our shared ownership homes and see how it could work for you – you may be pleasantly surprised. You only have to buy a share in one of our homes that is affordable to you, meaning that you can get into home ownership in manageable stages and eventually own outright if you wish.

On this site you can find out about shared ownership and if it’s right for you, register your interest and search for a home that suites your needs. We can help guide you through all aspects of the buying your home, assist with your eligibility for individual properties and put you in touch with a team of experienced financial advisors and solicitors to assist with the buying process.

Take the first step and register below and be kept informed on what’s available.

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Latest Event

Kings Reach Apartments – Biggleswade
10 Dec

Kings Reach Apartments – Biggleswade

Six 1 and 2 bedroom apartments coming soon. sales@bmapg.com 020 8622 4508
Packet Boat House
17 Jun

Packet Boat House

Available now. Contact us for more information: sales@bmapg.com 020 8622 4508
14 Jul


Available Now Contact us for more information: sales@bmapg.com 020 8622 4508   &...

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